Revelan vídeo inédito de Beyonce en su infancia (video)

Werbeaufnahme von BEYONC… f¸r ihr neues Parfum 'Heat'. - BEYONCE LAUNCHES HER NEW FRAGRANCE ‘HEAT’ 2010 PROMO 74018 EDITORIAL USE ONLY BEYONCE SCENTS THE MONEY! After the debut of her new perfume HEAT a month ago, the sales of the fragrance have topped $3 million. 72,000 bottles were sold in just over an hour when Beyonce made an appearance in New York City to promote her first fragrance. Beyonce has previously told how pleased she is with Heat - a mix of Magnolia, neroli and blush peach scents. ' I'm so happy with it . I've never received so many compliments from my fans, ' said the superstar singer. Beyonce was involved in all areas of the fragrance's design and the name came from her shows. ' A lot of my performances have had fire involved. Also, red is one of my favourite colours.So Heat seemed the perfect name. ' The singer, who has previously been the face of both Giorgio Armani's Emporio Diamonds and Tommy Hilfiger's True Star, also said the bottles design was vintage inspired. ends

La exitosa cantante, Beyoncé, conocida por su extraordinaria voz capaz de emocionar hasta las lágrimas hasta al más frío personaje, ya mostraba su todo su talento cuando era una niña.

Y es que revelaron un vídeo inédito de Beyoncé de su infancia en el que ya mostraba su talento y su extraordinaria voz como en este concurso de canto.

Una muy distinta Beyoncé niña ya hacía emocionar con su potente voz al público y al jurado, mostrando todo su talento con el que hasta ahora nos impresiona.

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